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Why the Need

DSC_1507svz.jpgAt a time in our country where social equity is paramount to most--from gender pay-gap legislation to Civil War monument disputes, to gender identity protections--diversity protections for our "neuro-diverse" community, and the social awareness and acceptance that comes with the right to equal opportunity, should be an essential element of our community ethos. 

Individuals with behavioral or neurological diagnoses are greatly undervalued as potential contributors to the working community.  Such individuals very often develop into hard-working, honest, dependable, productive and appreciative employees.  Although initial training and development of this population may cost more initially, the pure business case for embracing this need is easily balanced out by increased employee satisfaction, the resultant low churn rate, and the appreciation of your efforts by your customer base.

At the same time, it is an element of Moji's core mission to create churn by developing employees in all aspects of vocational development to the extent that they become attractive potential employees for community businesses of all types.  This strategy aims to establish a reputation of Moji Coffee and More as a training and proving ground for eligible special-needs individuals, essentially becoming a clearinghouse for community employers eager, but maybe inexperienced, in embracing this concept for all its benefits.  Please hire our Mojistas!!

Coinciding with a functional bottoming out of national unemployment rates, interest in fostering this type of diversity inclusion opportunity can only be in the best interest of businesses across all industry sectors. 

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